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  • Hymn to Her

    Hymn to Her


    Just flat-out gorgeous. The nature photography, especially. A short little beauty from Brakhage that's rarely screened. But he whole muse thing is so wearying though. Your reaction to the groaner of a title is probably an indication of how much you'll fall for its worldview. That said, damn, it has some lovely moments!

  • Me, Myself & Irene

    Me, Myself & Irene


    I'm a fairly dedicated Farrelly booster and it turns out that I've had a good reason to avoid this. It's their last gasp when they tried to be Hollywood hacks before turning into humanist filmmakers with SHALLOW HAL. This is almost entirely a JIm Carrey vehicle and I'm all but immune to his charms. Only the end credits feel like a Farrelly Brothers film.

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  • Margaret



    First viewing of extended cut (after two viewings of theatrical cut). Not really much added that couldn't be inferred from the theatrical cut. Additions mainly make themes, relationships, and characterizations more explicit and I miss the ambiguity and off-kilter rhythms of the theatrical cut. (For example, all those b-roll shots of NYC play out much more conventionally in this cut whereas in the theatrical version there were often weirdly placed in the middle of scenes in a way that really…

  • Speedy



    The greatest actualite of New York City in the late 1920s?