BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

BLACKKKLANSMAN has the most terrifying scene of 2018. As the Black Student Union quietly listens to an older man recount a horrifying killing done by the KKK, Lee cross cuts it with footage of David Duke inducting members into the National Klan. Scenes are cuts with graphic detail of this murder and then cut to Duke and the rest of the Klan sitting with their wives eating popcorn and watching BIRTH OF A NATION. Voices mix and you hear the hopeful cries of “Black Power!” With the almost satanic screams of  “White power!” Overtaking them from the Klan. For a group that claims to be Christian, every practice they do looks extremely demonic. There is no scarier phrase to me in this country that “white power” and Lee makes sure his audience trembles as this group chants this slogan. It’s gut-wrenching. 

Lee really gut-punched me on this one and for where this country is now, I say BLACKKKLANSMAN is essential 2018 viewing. I don’t think the film is about Stallworth’s storyline per se, but I think it’s about the heinous and hateful legacy that the Klan has left on our nation. And once those final images play out and you think of the aftermath of this group, or think of all the times you’ve seen the Confederate flag displayed on a car bumper or heard a white person say a racial slur, you realize that we have a long road ahead of us. As the final symbol of the screen changes color, you are left with the ultimate call to action. Because there is no place for hate here.