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This review may contain spoilers.

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So much neon!

It looks like this series is following the Star Trek model where all the odd-numbered films are bad and the even-numbered ones are good. Except that they don't even bother with numbers and you just have to guess which order they are meant to be watched in.

You can predict exactly what's going to happen in this one, and it follows that formula exactly (yes, GZ and KK put their differences aside and team up to fight a new enemy). But it does it with quite a bit of style and the visuals are rather lovely. The fights between Godzilla and Kong are epic and meaty (and sparse), but it becomes extremely clear how much of a non-character Godzilla is. Kong has personality, he's a being with understandable wants and emotions. Godzilla is just a big screamy thing. So we're all on Kong's side from the outset.

Once again, the human stuff just gets in the way. The people here don't have much going on other than to be good or bad. The actors themselves don't really seem to care. I don't know any of their names, I don't care about them, and once again there are a lot of new faces instead of bringing over characters from the previous movies.

These films seem to want to be as standalone as they can, with only small connective threads. I guess that works, but personally I like continuity and think it can make things much more effective. What may be most interesting is that this one does nothing to set up any future films.

This is big, bold and exciting but also incredibly stupid.

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