Pretend It's a City ★★★★

It was disappointing to find out (after I finished Pretend) that Fran was explicitly hateful towards trans people in 2010. It would appear that she has changed her tune now highlighted in a couple of interviews but nobody is sure.

There's a segment in Pretend where Fran says "Not reading people's books or listening to their music because they've done horrible things seems pointless to me." I have to agree with this sentiment. Unless the bigotry interferes with my enjoyment of the art, I'm not going to boycott it.

I am skeptical of the argument that I am somehow supporting a creator’s bias -- whether or not their works directly espouse such ideas -- by consuming (or even enjoying) them. What I am consuming here is the art and not their beliefs.

It's a shame about her terfy comments but the harsh reality is that there are "bad" people who make good art. It is a shame but it doesn't affect my appreciation for Pretend, which was largely fascinating if not entertaining. Mostly, I enjoyed watching Scorsese enjoy himself charmed by the friendship and conversations they share - for better or worse.

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