Scream ★★★★½

5cream! I've been so excited for this, but I thought I was going into it knowing exactly what to expect anyways, and I was wrong! A lot of character deaths/survivals really went against what I thought had/was going to happen. They handle the old characters really well while also moving the series towards a new main group, something I'm excited to see them work with. All of the characters that stood in for older characters (eg. Randy's family taking over for him) did a really good job filling those roles. Plenty of good surprises, a few good jump scares, and a really strong amount of wincing from sympathy pain. My biggest complaint is with the way that they handled the death of a pretty big character, there's a lot of really dumb horror movie choices all made within like 2 minutes from a character that's shown to be tough and smart. Other than that though, probably my favorite sequel in the series! I had a blast!

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