Showgirls ★½

There's plentiful naked bodies in this and yet somehow, that was the least interesting part. It's truly a baffling experience. There's so little story it's insane, nothing goes anywhere, the characters are so over the top they are undoubtedly intentional, and yet it has so many unintentional aspects it's confusing. I have no clue how to feel really. Everything that happens seems to happen on a whim without much rhyme or reason. It's like watching the same scenes over and over with so little differences, it feels like an eternity. I think Verhoevens satire is intriguing but a little underdeveloped, much like most of the film. There's themes of corruption, Amercian culture satire, womens exploitation, hypocrisy, and two face people/society. No one is who you think they are and exploitation happens even in the most glamorous places. The overall message is pretty cut and dry though. Our main character goes to Vegas seeking the good life. She obtains it by being horrible, realizes her mistakes, and gets out. It's one of those movies where everyone gets what they want but not really. I don't understand any of the characters motives, I don't understand the piss poor dialogue, and I definitely don't understand why our main characters past was so secretive. What would be lost in telling us that? It literally amounts to 1 scene. There's something here but, whatever it is feels completely buried. There's so many insanely weird decisions and I can't wrap my brain around any of them. Is the bizarre sex scene in Kyle Maclachlans pool suppose to be funny? Is 90% of this movie suppose to be funny?? I DON'T UNDERSTAND.
This was my face the whole time. 😧