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  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    Worst movie. Idc if ppl say it was bad on purpose - there’s enough ugly shit in the world that sucks. If u have the opportunity make something, make it good. I’m so sick of everything looking like shit. And then they have to replay clips from the first movie just to remind us we’re all being fucked with, reeeeeally cool statement ladies, galaxy brain realness. It’s making fun of marvel movies? It is a marvel movie. Hated it! But laughed a lot with my friends. Not worth the $$ tho. Fucking sucked lol

  • Dracula



    weird fucking movie straight up one of the weirdest. love the sound design, costume, etc...everything looks beautiful and sounds beautiful. Was totally creeped out and turned on. Felt like an opera...idk glad his soul got saved or w/e