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  • Buli
  • Baik Punya Cilok
  • The Raid
  • Men Who Save the World

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  • Satan's Slaves 2: Communion

    Satan's Slaves 2: Communion


    Gorgeous women and cinematography aside (...when I can see it), this lore-dense sequel is a nothing burger; it's only an ad for the inevitable third movie.

    There's so much to do with the aforementioned world building, but it was withheld severely by horror cliches and an annoying third act involving strobe lights. I mean, there's like an interesting looking Silent Hill-esque Otherworld setting that is only hinted but not explored, so this definitely feels like a feature-length teaser for the…

  • Mat Kilau

    Mat Kilau


    Let's do this bullet point style, because the movie itself is as fast as bullets.

    Jaka Sembung + King Arthur: Legend of the Sword × KL Gangster = Mat Kilau

    • The Jaka Sembung aspect – An exploitation film through and through, with moments of forced race-baiting, religion-riding call to action and self-righteousness; tons of gratuitous violence and brief strong languages for a P13-rated movie; cartoonishly evil villains; and hammy dialogues and acting, save for Beto Kusyairy who actually…

Popular reviews

  • Crossroads: One Two Jaga

    Crossroads: One Two Jaga


    It's the local gritty cop drama Malaysia has been waiting for! The build up, the acting, the way it gracefully tackle heavy issues such as police corruption and illegal immigration, the soundtrack, the cinematography, the colour grading, the editing! You don't see this kind of movie come around in Malaysia in recent years!

    Those singing praises by international critiques should NOT be taken with a grain of salt; EAT the damn salt and get a dose of reality not many…

  • Just 6.5

    Just 6.5


    I never thought Iran could handle a police procedural story! And they've done so with so much finesse and intensity, too!

    None of that CSI shit. It instead went with the Breaking Bad-style character study method, but with loads more emotional and psychological rollercoaster in the mix.

    We have a no-nonsense cop who's had it with the rampant crimes in Iran, his colleague who's wrongfully accused for a blunder he didn't commit and a Heisenberg-style disillusioned drug dealer who thinks…