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  • A Geisha

    A Geisha


    This was a somewhat fragmented watch as I had a reaccuring headache for the majority of the running time, so I may have missed some crucial plot points and character moments but Mizoguchi’s sense of framing and delicate storytelling is on point as usual. Will re-watch soon.

  • Ugetsu



    Mizoguchi’s haunting tale of morality, love, and the devastating effect of war on the common people is a flat-out masterpiece. It’s ghostly, slow brooding atmosphere is an incredible achievement in amongst itself, but the way in which Ugetsu is staged and precisely framed from beginning to end is audacious and ultimately revolutionary.

    It’s a heartbreaking, beautiful poem of life and death that often feels as if it’s taken place in another realm. Shy of melodrama, prominent with minimalistic naturalism and wonderfully understated performances. Life is suffering, life finds a way, life goes on.

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  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    I feel ashamed that I have waited so long to watch this. Chunking Express is a visually pleasing character study filled to the absolute brim with a whole lot of heart and tenderness. The nonchalant characters are so well written, acted and developed, every bit of dialogue that comes out of their mouths engages you more and more with there unique little personalities. The handheld, up close and personal camera style did a fantastic job to capture the hecticness of…

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Oh my god. I met Paul Thomas Anderson. He shook my hand. This film was fucking incredible.