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  • Rafadan Tayfa Göbeklitepe

    Rafadan Tayfa Göbeklitepe

    Türkiye’de özgün senaryo ve diyalog yazma sorunsalının bir örneği daha.
    Hikayede boşluklar, iğreti mesaj kaygıları, komik olmaktan uzak diyaloglar ve bir türlü sonuca bağlanamayan bir senaryo.

    İlk filmde en azından bir konu bütünlüğü ve gülümseten espriler vardı.

  • 6 Underground

    6 Underground


    A trashy movie for sure. However, honestly I enjoyed some of the action scenes

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  • Annie Hall

    Annie Hall


    Annie Hall differs from the zany movies Woody shot before 1977, by bringing a whole new and pure dimension to the standard romantic comedies.

    Diane Keaton has recreated the image of a woman to fall in love with, with her astonishing performance and style. In this film, Keaton chose her clothes herself, and after the screening, a new trend was included in the 70s fashion: Annie Hall Style.

    Although Woody has always denied this, it is clear that the film…

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    In my opinion, changing the eras was a bad choice. The adulthood era is in 2016, instead of 80s. The childhood era is in late 80s, instead of late 50s. I don't know whether Muschietti did this because of the budget or because of the popularity of Stranger Things.

    When a book we love is adapted, we tent to find mistakes in it. Therefore, I may be exaggerating my disappointment.