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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Oh man, where do I start with this film. I’ll start with the foreshadowing. In the opening sequence, will Smith is laying on a hill in belgium with a sniper, getting ready to take out a high value target. In the background, you see three cows. Nothing special right? Wrong! We later find out there are not one, not two, but THREE WILL SMITHS. Each cow obviously represents a will smith. Also, when Henry brogan confides in his superior he is retiring, he is asked why. His answer is brilliant, he says “I find myself avoiding mirrors lately”. Just a throwaway line about how he is aging and doesn’t like his physical appearance, right? WRONG! We find out will smith has a clone!!! You could also say he has a “mirror image”. Just brilliant screen writing. Let’s move into the action. In one of the first main fight sequences, YWS (young will smith), has a sniper poised to shoot NWS (normal will Smith). NWS has an instinct that something fishy is happening (which makes prefect sense in his line of work. Excellent screen writing again!). After a feverish chase through the streets of Havana, YWS finds that he is out of ammunition. Does he attack with his switch blade, no! That’s boring! He WHEEL PUNCHES NWS in the face! Great film! 1000000 STARS! WILL SMITH SHINES......... TWICE!