Jonas ★★★★

this in unironically a good film. so accurately and painfully german that it makes me never want to leave this country nor my small german school like, ever. the concept of this film is just so genius if you have a way to watch this film please please do i know this is like really underground in the worst way possible but this is all the good things (and many of the bad) about what going to school in germany in the early 2010s is like.

i don’t know a lot of german actors that i actually think are cool or likable but christian ulmen is one of them. i love that guy. i mean he had the idea for the concept of this film, and if you have a way of watching his interview from the dvd extras he’s talking about a bunch of things that are so near and dear to my heart and that i relate to on a massively high level. seeing this actor talk about how unfair school is for people who are introverted, quiet and maybe even anxious, talking about that humiliation that you are purposefully endured in many situations just for the sake of being humiliated, and talking about how he still felt all of that all over again even though he was only playing a character; talking about how the 40:60 percent ratio grading system is incredibly unfair - seeing him talk about all of that actually made me feel a lot better. sadly that was only in an interview hidden in the dvd extras of an incredibly niche film from 2011 that no one cares about (except for my sister and me). but still that interview always makes me tear up almost. also this film is just straight up hilarious for various reasons if you have a way of watching this somehow please do

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