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  • Russell Peters: Notorious

    Russell Peters: Notorious


    Not his best performance, but I'd consider it an improvement of material from The Green Card Tour. There were a couple of jokes that had me laughing pretty hard, but it was a humorous, but not necessarily laugh out loud experience the whole way through.

    It seems that Peters is now starting to move into the over 40 comedian material, while still keeping his unique, multicultural-critiquing style, and this is actually very optimistic because it implies that there are much…

  • Armadillo



    Last year, a Danish documentary premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival about the war in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, other than word of mouth and discussion on certain Internet forums, the film did not find widespread success. That movie, Armadillo, is one of the hidden gems of the summer.

    Another in the slew of war films released over the past decade, it’s a documentary about the hardships, stress, and trauma faced by a team of Danish soldiers in the Middle East.…

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  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    Definitely did not live up to the original, but it was great to see Jack Lemmon and George C. Scott play their respected roles. Other than that it's just one of those shot for shot, remade for a "modern audience" films that only really disrespects how well the original has aged.

  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible


    A very old movie for the last generation, something that should be kept in the past and dug up once every few years to watch...or is there something more? With what's become of the Mission Impossible franchise, the series is expected to be in the realm of over the top action, but was it always like this? No, Mission Impossible is something else, dare I say, the definition of what it means to be a spy film.

    I challenge you…