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Our Idiot Brother ★★★

Meh, it was okay. Being honest here this really seemed typical of an amateur film with a seemingly complex and maybe layered plot, that turns out to just be everything we've seen before...with a twist!. Now I'm a believer of movies that are everything you've seen before, but you still end up loving them, but Our Idiot Brother just doesn't carry the bar.

However, the actual title character himself, played by Paul Rudd (who's honestly always good, except for maybe those Halloween movies) is great. He's a really refreshing character who can honestly be in anything and make you feel comfortable while giving you a few laughs. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast, who are fine playing their roles, just have some pretty messy storylines and the movie comes together at the end in a pretty obvious, but satisfying way.

I think the problem with the film is that each storyline that breaks off when Ned stays with his sisters needed more time and honestly needed to be its own story. They were all wrapped up a little too fast and not satisfactory in the end. Maybe it would have worked better if the movie was either a drama or romantic comedy but it's kind of just trying to be a comedy.

If it wasn't for Paul Rudd, this would have gotten a lower rating, but it makes it.