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  • Senario XX

    Senario XX


    One of those cases where the idea of watching a Malaysian comedy about space aliens was more rewarding that the reality of watching a Malaysian comedy about space aliens. A number of the performers are nicely plugged into the kind of playfulness that's needed to sell material like this, but there's no P Ramlee in the cast.

    I see that this director/production crew specializ in s/fantasy-not-horror in their national cinema, and now I'm curious to see what else they've gotten up to.

  • Lío de faldas

    Lío de faldas


    If you should watch this, it's worth remembering that at the time, it was radical plus shocking in Mexico for a young woman to live independent of her parents before getting married. Knowing that doesn't make the movie more enjoyable, or funnier, or better in any way, because nothing really could...

    Oldguy creative team making movies about countercultury young people they know nothing about. You know the score.

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  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona

    Vicky Cristina Barcelona

    Glib and carelessly-imagined ode to privilege. I tried to ignore my distaste for the superficial artsiness of the characters, but after the scene where the blonde girl decided it would be kicks to go to a slummy-looking neighborhood and photograph sex-workers I just couldn't. Esp. when the SW were all "Hello, American Lady Woman! We love you! Come taste the wines and cheeses of my village!"

    Art is one thing, lifestyle-pimping is another.

  • Out 1

    Out 1


    It's got a gun and it's got a girl, so it's cinema. I think the only thing I can do right now is transcribe the notes I made to myself while I was watching it. Sustained thought? It's usually beyond me... and I want to read up on secondary materials before I commit to anything.

    Episode 1:

    It's absolutely a sequel to L'Amour Fou -- in that one, the characters were struggling against the collapse of meaning, and in this…