Coco ★★½

Thatcherite/neoliberal afterlife that denies the possibility of collective action within an atomized population of billions of "individuals" and even eliminates the idea of "divine justice" that's common to all religious depictions of life after death -- exploitative power relationships (and class structures) that existed on earth are reproduced verbatim in the beyond, and the heroic actions of the protag are the only way that crimes committed on earth can be brought to light and rectified, tasks that you'd think would devolve on the afterlife bureaucracy to legislate.

I wanted to like this, and I also wanted to hate it. Couldn't work up strong feelings either way.

Tears were jerked. Knowing what buttons to push isn't rocket-science art. The production design rocked, FWIW.

PS: Making a movie for an Anglo audience that Mexican viewers can find "validation" in is not the same thing as making a movie for a Mexican audience that also invites and rewards Anglo spectatorship.

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