Eat the Schoolgirl: Osaka Telephone Club

Eat the Schoolgirl: Osaka Telephone Club ★★★½

Post-pinku on a video-nasty tip, something like what you'd get if the Tetsuo guy remade Numero Deux as torture porn. The such-as-it-is narrative starts with an alienated, porn-addicted (to call it that) teenaged boy-potato on his couch, unable to make emotional connection with anyone and plugged right into the hyper-mediated surrogate/simulacra of connection that the sex industry merchandises, videos and computer programs that are as glitch-ridden and unattractive as his personal life; from there it cycles through a series of other narrative threads, alternating between his ideas of "good" sex, conventional, idealized to the absolute and featuring perfect woman-childs who accept the burden of being his spiritual guide and salvation... and the polar opposite, the absolute of exploitative, rape-culture sexuality whose end-stage is imagined in terms of ejaculating over a pile of guts dumped into a bathtub.

The lack of linear organization or any kind of throughline spared the makers from the need to advance a concrete thesis to contain their imaginings, but as a series of disconnected anecdotes describing facets of sexual attitudes within late/postmodern capitalism, it makes its point quite admirably. There is no point? That's the point.

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