Masculin Féminin

Masculin Féminin ★★★★

THIS! is exactly what I want from Godard, pre-1967. Using everything in the diegesis to mount an interrogation of western culture, French division. It's a bit misogynist -- if only because Godard seems to take 'masculin' as the norm and 'feminin' as a departure -- but you can see him interrogating that as well, and trying to become a better feminist ally. Viz: that scene toward the end, where Leaud's voice-over says something about "I realized I was so badly incapable of objectivity that my inquiries only served to reinforce the dominant paradigm... which was the opposite of what I wanted."

Anyway, I think this is my new favorite Godard, at least until something replaces it. Everything I value most in his praxis, rendered just about perfectly.

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