Szamanka ★★★

It was bugging me that the movie didn't seem to be moving toward a resolution, or clarifying its position toward the ideas it was toying with... until just before the end, when I realized that no resolution and no clarity were possible. The whole goddamn point of the movie is describing humans as being simultaneously jungle-dwelling hominid apes and technocrats with the power to destroy planets... along with being capable of spiritual intuitions or enlightenments that are likely to look like the meat-machine's malfunctioning.... and having to balance those different levels of awareness inside one organism.

Zulawski uses a lot of the same mannerisms here as in Possession, but for different purposes and with different results; the "crazy woman" trope, with her neo-Charcot spasms of irrational activity, is the most obvious constant, and I don't know how many times I want to see Zulawski go back to the well to find new ways to use that plot element.

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