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Julio Bracho, ranked

An uneven director, lots of work-for-hire in his catalogue... but his best are sublime, and he can usually be counted on for a proto-feminist and queer-adjacent sensibility that wasn't common in the Mexican film industry back then.

1-4: Masterful
4-18: "Expressive esoterica" level -- some combination of
very solid mainstream-film values, auteurist titles with intriguing allegorical levels that don't always work perfectly, and gender-studies theses that consistently promote a coherent pro-feminist critique.
19-30: Acceptable entertainments, not particularly interesting in any way.
31-35: Unusually dull.
36-41: Really dire.

Haven't yet seen:
Don Simon De Lira (1946)
Historia De Un Corazon (1951)
La Mafia del Crimen (1958)
Una Cancion Para Recordar (1960)
Cada Voz Lleva su Angustia (1965)
Morelos, Siervo De La Nacion (1965)
Educacion Extraescolar En El Medio Urbano (short, 1975)

Block or Report
  • Twilight
  • To Each His Own Life
  • The Shadow of the Strongman
  • Damiana and the Men
  • Another Dawn
  • Cantaclaro
  • María la Voz
  • Looking for a Wall
  • Mujeres que trabajan
  • The Possession
  • La mujer de todos
  • Rosenda
  • La cobarde
  • Story of a Great Love
  • History of a Scoundrel
  • I Killed a Man
  • Reto a la vida
  • The Absentee
  • Basket of Mexican Tales
  • Corazón de niño
  • Take Me in Your Arms
  • El ladrón
  • Forgotten Faces
  • Stolen Heaven
  • El proceso de Cristo
  • Those Were The Days, Senor Don Simon!
  • The Court of Pharaoh
  • Andante
  • ¡Yo sabia demasiado!
  • Amor de adolescente
  • Los amantes frios
  • Inmaculada
  • Señora ama
  • The Virgin who Forged a Fatherland
  • Felipe de Jesús
  • Guadalajara en verano
  • Cuernavaca in Spring
  • Espejismo de la ciudad
  • The White Monk
  • Las canciones unidas
  • Mexico lindo y querido