Pancho Villa In The Movies (work in progress)

Just for the hell of it, because Penalosa dared me...

In the future, I may try to rank them in terms of some combination of quality and historical accuracy, but chronological order seems best for now. In the beginning, I won't be making any effort to flag (or eliminate) movies that name him in the title without him appearing as a character. That also could change in the future. TV movies and direct-to-video releases not included.

Not yet entered into letterboxd files:

The Outlaw's Revenge (1916, lost)
Why America Will Win (1918)
Under Strange Flags (1937)
Pancho Villa Returns (1950)
Villa!! (1958)
Los Siete de Pancho Villa (1967)
La Muerte De Pancho Villa (1972)
Red Bells Part I: Mexico on Fire (1982)
Rosendo Fiero, el correo de Villa (1984))
Ah, Silenciosa! (1999)
Viva Villa, cabrones! (2003)
The Death Of Pancho Villa (2010)

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