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I love horror films. However this is a new hobby so I am using Letterboxd to map out the large gaps in my horror knowledge. 

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  • Session 9

    Session 9


    This was glorious. 

    A little slow to start but it’s an interesting premise. I like how much of the narrative is implied. You have to pay attention to see the breadth of the sinister work occurring. 

    Of course it’s not that uncommon for the idea of a place to seep into people’s minds but you really get a sense that that’s the case here. Especially after the reveal. 

    The location for this film is incredible and it the stand out…

  • Pulse



    I can’t believe how this passed me by. Some brilliantly haunting moments and some really brilliant sound design that will give you tingles. Lots of suggestion and subtlety here. 

    It’s a bit of a slow burn but the pay off is kinda interesting. A different strand in a very well traversed sub genre.

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  • Children of the Stones

    Children of the Stones


    They originally made this for kids? Wow. Some compelling storytelling here and some mind-bending time events to process too.  

    This was scored perfectly. I imagine it spooked a good many of its original audience because the wailing gave me chills at times. 

    Went to watch one episode and ended up watching the entire thing in one big creepy binge. Superb.

  • Martin's Close

    Martin's Close


    Interesting and briefly chilling, but like many such adaptions much too short.