A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun ★★★★½

A few days ago, I finished reading the play version of this for school, and the most unbelievable thing happened. I actually enjoyed a piece of required reading. So, since then, I've consumed this in a few other ways for reading comprehension purposes. I read the play, listened to an audiobook with the original broadway actors, watched a stage performance of it, and finally watched this movie. Gotta say, out of all four, this is far and away my favorite medium that I’ve seen this story in. Each character is fully realized and immaculately portrayed with some of the most captivating performances I've seen in any film. Sidney Poitier in particular drives the whole thing home for me and secures this as a real personal favorite. Plus, even though not every piece of dialogue is directly from the text, they exactly quote all of my favorite lines, which was very nice to see. After this, I have absolutely no desire to watch the 2008 adaptation because why the hell would I do that when I could just watch this again? I'm honestly considering a 5/5 because I really do have little to no complaints and have a genuine love for the source material, but I'll keep it here for now. Go watch this, it's pretty great!