The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

Luckily, Disney is not solely responsible for modern day animation movies. Otherwise a movie like The Mitchells vs. The Machines wouldn't even be possible. For this one, the producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have their fingers in the pie again. With The Lego Movie and Into The Spider-Verse they have already shown that they're the kings of today's innovative and unique animated stories. Of course, the question remains whether this quality can be topped at all?

Only by looking at the Mitchell family one knows that this movie is just going to be a wacky joyride. The family consists of an overprotective mom, a dino-loving son, the most stereotypical dad ever, and the passionate filmmaker daughter Katie. Together they go on a road trip to get Katie to film college in LA. Each member of the family is so quirky and charming in their own unique way. So the interaction among them is so amusing and pleasent to watch. The constant companion, however, is the strained relationship between father Rick and his daughter Katie.

That alone would be the perfect basis for a nice and also funny movie with an emotional tone. But that's not everything, and all of a sudden robots are getting involved in the family trip. These are commanded to capture all humans and shoot them into space. Thus, the Mitchell family does not only have to resolve their own differences among themselves, but also save humanity from the machines.
Honestly, I was very skeptical that this wild mix of family story and sci-fi action would work at all. But it works wonderfully! There is just the perfect balance between absurdity and emotionality and at every second it feels honest and real.

That is precisely because so much attention to detail has been paid here. Movie nerds in particular will be pleased with the numerous references, such as Katie wearing socks with the carpet pattern from The Shining. In general, the whole movie is a declaration of love for pop culture with countless jokes and memes. All of this is wrapped up in a similarly cool look as in Into The Spider-Verse which also allows plenty of visual jokes with its comic-book-ness.
However, nothing is likely to make you laugh as much as the cross-eyed family dog Monchi. He is the best animal sidekick ever to appear in an animated movie and even surpasses those from the Disney classics.

All that makes The Mitchells vs. The Machines a beautiful and hilarious movie that teaches you even more about family than the entire Fast & The Furious series:
Sometimes all it takes is one world threat from robots and family harmony is restored again.

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