• The Beatles: Get Back

    The Beatles: Get Back


    All i want is you!

  • Enemy



    Oh i see……. What?

  • Gone Baby Gone

    Gone Baby Gone


    It is Mirabelle???


  • Memoir of a Murderer

    Memoir of a Murderer


    Eun Hee!!!!!

  • Beckett



    Run Beckett, Run!

  • Defending Jacob

    Defending Jacob


    Finally finished this limited series after a year😅 from me, Defending Jacob is quite underrated. Shoutout to Chris Evans and other barber family that potrayed it brilliantly.

    Go watch it!

  • Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens

    Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens


    Didn’t expect much from this film at the start, but i think this film suprisingly exceeded my expectation. I dont know why Netflix indo so so give all attention to this movie, and after watching it, i think this film deserve some attention.

    Iqbal potrayed Ali with tremendous performance, the scene when he’s crying it so gets me and surpassed my expectation with opinion that actor Indonesia always got cringe testimonies when play some romantic role haha. The queens are…

  • Sleepers



    Sleepers actually a full packaged movie. From the first minute until the credit scene, i think they potrayed it without a single hole. Jason Patric narrative voice also helping explain the whole story.

    How the movie give perspective on Hells Kitchen, The Wilkinson home for boys and also the courtroom situation.

    Tbh after know this adapted from real story, i just want the part of payback little bit longer and potrayed it with deeper perspective. Still confusing me why they didn’t give us a satisfying payback.

    Overall sleepers is multigenre film with ‘pragmatic’ pace haha, just like some old movies i think.

  • Snatch



    Brad pitt with gypsi accent is making my today. Also love to see scene by scene transition. Its makes me laugh cause the british joke so gets me. Richie doing well in this vintage movie. Also Statham with his skinny body its just like junky man without power hahaha. Thats all folks.

  • Return to Never Land

    Return to Never Land


    Childhood memories never lies. As a Disney Freak. Its still amazed me this  movie changed the whole timeline for cartoon animation.

  • The Secret of the Unicorn

    The Secret of the Unicorn


    Nostalgic to see this movie again. Its remarkable my childhood full of quality material watch like this. From the opening music its give me goosebump. Oh i love Tintin.

    Still hopes The Sequel for the 2011 movie being realized. Please Spielberg!

  • Prisoners



    All Hail for you Jackman.