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This review may contain spoilers.


This movie is a miracle.

There seems to be a dissonance between art and entertainment in both the creation of cinema and the critique thereof. Bong Joon-ho, with this 132-minute wonder, will shatter any notion that art doesn’t have to be pretentious to gain attention, nor shallow to be fun. Like the works of Christopher Nolan, Alfred Hitchcock, Rian Johnson, or David Fincher, Parasite can be classified as thoughtful provocation sold as comfort food for the masses. I’m massively grateful for this since I prefer my movies to find that delicate balance between escapism and philosophy.

There is obviously a lot to unpack here, the likes of which I don’t really wish to do now since I’d prefer for people to just see this. But if I am to say one thing, it’s that despite this film's extremely minor flaws, everything just works together so seamlessly to present an exaggerated yet biting look into the world of now. Korea’s 2019 may be different from America’s 2019, but the carefully integrated messages about society will transcend anything that Joker ever proclaimed with its unsubtle hubris.

Bong’s lusciously-filmed, effortlessly-performed, and overall magnificent tale of class tension will live on for quite a poignantly-articulated reason: we are, after all, just eating each other alive.

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