Heat ★★★★

I knew three things about this movie before watching: Pacino, De Niro and Val Kilmer are in the cast; Michael Mann directed; and is one the best Crime-Thriller films of all time.

Heat is an excellent film about two men against each other. Pacino and De Niro are great, their characters are complex and interesting but the side characters are very disappointing, I don’t know their motivations or anything about them.
They have only one trace in their character development, which is bad because the cast is very interesting.
The script is nice but we spend time with some characters that have no importance to the movie at all. Natalie Portman plays a minimum role that is very disposable, a lot of De Niro’s gang appears and disappears with no relevance to the overall plot.
Besides some criticism is a well made and interesting film, I was expecting more thrilling scenes and plot twist but it’s ok, I enjoyed for what it was.