Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

It took me awhile to watch this because I didn't think it would really be my thing. I definitely didn't think it would be my favorite of 2020, but after my second watch I can officially say that it is.

Everything about this it is great. Fennel's screenplay and direction that pretty much wastes no scene or shot. Carey Mulligan's layered and dynamic performance. The casting of every single supporting performance (especially Max Greenfield. Every line delivery of his is perfection). The tone changes. The chameleonic score that perfectly matches these tone changes. None of the characters being cartoonishly evil. How the cinematography and set design combine to form an aesthetic that I've never seen before in a film. The soundtrack. How these last two aspects are unabashedly "feminine", and that Fennel does this self aware of the fact that feminine things have never been taken as seriously is just the cherry on top and fits the movie perfectly.

Above all, the message is incredibly important and forces everyone who watches (crucially, and refreshingly, not just men but women too) to look inside ourselves and ponder whether we have ever done, or are still doing, anything to contribute to this culture that enables these predators to not just get away with these despicable acts, but allows them to dismiss their actions and convince themselves that they're still good people.

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