Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Taking a David Lynch break to say that, Army of the Dead is a gory blast of a movie!

Zack Snyder's work here, as a director, co-writer, producer, and cinematographer, it's all top-notch. The opening credits, a staple in Snyder's filmography, are the standouts, with excellent visual storytelling and needle drops, as it sums up the crazy premise perfectly.

The huge cast gives strong work, with Bautista, Arnezeder, Notaro and Schweighofer stealing the show, the zombie carnage is wildly fun, brutal and tense at times, Junkie XL's score is solid, and there's a surprising amount of humour and emotional depth, that adds to the story. It's also insane that this film is unintentionally relevant, to the times we're currently living in! My only qualm is that one subplot isn't as interesting, as the main plot.

May I add, that the VFX work for Tig Notaro is near flawless?! Aside from some noticeable stuff here and there, her addition is seamless!

I see this easily being a huge win for Netflix.

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