Lightyear ★★½

I totally refuse to believe that ANDY would buy a Buzz toy from THIS in-universe movie!

The first thirty minutes or so are genuinely solid, even inching towards awesomeness, as it becomes Interstellar-lite with stakes, humour, and bittersweet/dark moments that challenge Buzz's mental state.....

And then the dumbass Surprise Party characters show up.

Look, I know they'd eventually get their shit together to be competent, and the whole movie's message focuses on learning/accepting your mistakes, but fuck's sake, Taika's character especially, annoying and unfunny. Hell, they all sucked major balls with their incompetence.

If Lightyear originally focused on Lightyear and Sox, great! Evans and Sohn did some good voice-acting for their roles, the animation is exceptional as always, the score rules, and I would've definitely cared about the story more, but alas, it ends up ultimately being a forgettable and quite unneeded Toy Story instalment.

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