12 Angry Men ★★★★★

One of the most powerful and perfect films examining the true weight of the death penalty and those who make the choice whether to send someone to death or not. A film that has stood the test of time and leaves its mark in cinema's history as one of the best courtroom dramas ever made. Finely crafted and meticulously wounded up, it is a film that packs a punch. It doesn't provide all the answers, it leaves it up to a lot of supposing, supposing the life and death of someone and the random individuals who are there to determine one's outcome. The script is perfect, absolutely no flaws as every single juror gets to have their shining moment as we analyze each man and come to understand their individual viewpoints on the matter. The lack of names only allows the audience to focus on what is important, the decisions one must make when in a jury, guilty or not guilty. The camerawork is excellent providing a full understanding of the small location these twelve men are trapped in discussing the case. It gives us a real-time feel and makes us feel like we are there with these twelve random individuals sweating in that hot room with them.

12 Angry Men is a perfect film through and through, no flaws whatsoever. Every single actor gets to shine and have their peace. The film leaves a lasting impression on the viewer making you wonder if you yourself could be that Juror 8.

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