Parasite ★★★★½

Compelling cinema is scarce sometimes. The craft of making a movie is a difficult task. It’s amazing to me that any movie gets made. You have about a million things that could go wrong at any second in production. Plans made can change within in an instant if something happens out of your control. As time goes on, I’m sure there will be plenty of people saying that cinema as an art form gets stagnated over time or is becoming more dynamic. It all plays onto what you look for in a movie and where you’re looking. Some people might have you believe that (insert year here) was a bad year for film, but that isn't true. Every year is a good year for film. You’re alive to experience something special. Good movies can be hard to find, just like good music or good food or anything worthwhile. It might take some time to find that certain something that scratches that itch but once you find it it's a reassuring feeling that what you love isn’t such a waste of time. There will always be a good movie every year and Parasite is a prime example of that.

Yes, this movie is overhyped, yes this movie will be the talk of the town for months to come, yes this movie is going to what people hold up as 2019’s best. After now seeing this I can reaffirm that the hype is deserved. It’s a real achievement in filmmaking and what Bong Joon-Ho could create with his lens is stunning. It balances genres and turns them upside down. Joon-Ho’s camera is a creative in framing and having the camera look around the sets. It’s the filmmaking style easy to get into but will sink its teeth right into you with the paths this story takes. The camera captures emotion subtlely and quietly, but this isn’t a quiet film; its loud and full of energy. It explodes with passion for these characters and the complex tense situation it’s built up over its runtime. From moment to moment you are laughing with these people and another you are left with a feeling of despair that is pugnant.

Parasite has much to over in terms of theme and tone. Family, class, wealth, or lack thereof. I’ve thought it over time and time again to find different ways to call this movie something other than a masterpiece. I quickly fell in love with the movie and its characters. I genuinely enjoyed the time spent with them and their predicament. I love the way they feel natural around each other. The family unit is real and doesn’t feel rehearsed or scripted. When they succeed it's a sublime feeling and when they struggle you’re at the edge with them. It’s a film that is both joyous and depressive with its idea of rich vs poor and the disconnection from the world. For that it's an intoxicating experience. By the end it amazed me of what it was able to achieve. Utterly superb filmmaking.

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