Badla ★★★

Why sooo underratteedd?
This movie keeps your ass guessing at one point, forming a conclusion the other, and repeat. But it was pretty obvious he was recording the session, it felt way too fishy. Him wearing a mask wasn't a conclusion until he started hinting at his naughtiness, like "boi if I dont know Rani who would, you know what I'm saying?" I just plainly assumed he's working for Rani. I was right, in a way.
This was a pure mystery played right. Loved it.

And I fucking hate Netflix for not including the music to any of the Bollywood movies they've got! They used to be "Bole Chudiyan Bole Kangna" but now they are actual meaningful parts of the movie merged in with a whole musical score! EVOLUTION BITCHES! First Ugly, now this? I mean, I can't even be properly angry about this because of the editor who edits out the songs so well, I wouldn't know this movie's got songs if I hadn't already downloaded the mp3s beforehand.
~deeply annoyed~