Fright Night Part 2

Fright Night Part 2 ★★★

This is a lot more repetitive and less interesting than the original film--things are a lot more heterosexual this time around, and a couple of key supporting characters are gone without adequate replacement. Things are still visually and auditorily on point, though, with even more fun practical effects courtesy of John Carpenter-adjacent director Tommy Lee Wallace, and a fun cover of the main theme song from the first film.

Roddy McDowall is hands down the best part of this whole thing. He's adorable, and even if his plotline is a retread of the first film, he's so adorable that I didn't care. He also gets to say that hilarious line people say different variations of in sequels: "There's no way this could happen to the same person twice!" Big talk from someone who was in four increasingly far-fetched Planet of the Apes films, but he sells the hell out of it.

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