Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★

Surprising in its visual confidence and emotional resonance, this is a sequel that gives just as many fucks as it needs too. This is a lot more legit than the flimsy original film, taking its inherent campiness more seriously and achieving more as a result. It grinds to a halt less often, it stuns with its setpieces more.

There are still flaws: Cher's presence feels like too much of an afterthought, it's oddly slightly more slut-shamey than the original in how it treats Donna's various hookups, and Colin Firth doesn't get a boyfriend or any explicit acknowledgment of his character's queerness. These, however, are minor quibbles. This is a real musical, with a lot of fun to be had and a surprisingly emotional ending. That's rare enough that I'll ignore some minor issues.

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