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This review may contain spoilers.

After a rewatch to get my thoughts at least somewhat in order, some assorted thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

- Holy Shit.

- Porgs. That is all.


- I can't think of a single character that I don't love, but special shoutouts go to Admiral Holdo, Rey, Leia, and Rose, with a special bonus for my boys Poe Dameron and Luke Skywalker, who both manage to be Kind of Terrible at different points without ever actually being unlikable.

- Seeing this in the theater where I saw Looper in 2012 was a strange experience. Passage of time etc...

- All the "holy shit" moments held up for me. Holdo sacrificing herself is possibly my favorite scene in all of Star Wars.

- Rian Johnson's edits and some of his camera angles blew me away tremendously.

- Making Hux funny, Snoke unimportant, and Kylo Ren a multidimensional, traumatized, but still ultimately self-serving and manipulative person were all excellent decisions.

- After much thought: Don't lump me in with the people who find the Canto Bight sequence extraneous. It's so gloriously Rian Johnson that I'd love it even if it was totally pointless, but as a way to bring up and comment negatively on things not often brought up in the Star Wars universe (like war profiteering and slavery), and to further the development of two characters who were always going to occupy fringe space in a middle chapter unfortunately, it serves some very important functions indeed.

-For a film as sprawling and long as this one, the fact that it feels so thematically coherent and connected will never not be amazing to me. It's never repetitive, but the themes are so palpably there and embodied by every plotline.

-Very possibly my favorite Star Wars movie. Almost certainly my favorite Rian Johnson movie. I'll be seeing this again.

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