Fallen Angel ★★★½


The Post-War Years had finally Arrived and Film-Noir, and the Seedlings Planted in the previous 10 Years, started to become Fully Formed and the Pure Film-Noir Exposed,

The Crop bore Fruit for a Full 5 Years before the Genre would be increasingly Watered Down with Police Procedural, a more Friendly Style in the Conservative 1950's.

"Fallen Angel" was Directed by the Dictatorial Hand of Otto Preminger who Found Breakout Success with the Popular Murder Mystery "Laura" (1944).

This Movie Suffered On-Set Strife and the End Result was a Work in Progress, Changed on the fly, and it Shows. Never quite Cohering, the Plot Points and the Style Wavered with the Parts Better than the Whole.

Details about the Making of and Behind the Scenes Stuff can be Found in the more Gossipy and Biographical Oriented Elsewhere.

The Film has a Good Cast Playing some Good Characters and at times it Sparkles with Flourishes Framing an Intriguing Story with an Edge of Pulpy Seediness.

The Dialog is Gabby with a "Paperback" Profundity. Dana Andrews, Linda Darnell, and Alice Faye Star.

Overall, Dense with Drama as the Movie Unfolds.

The "Diner" is a Film-Noir Icon.

A Low-Brow Environs where the Characters Gather to Drink Coffee and Expose Their Personas.

Among the Background of a Jukebox and the Ring of the Cash Register adding an Atmosphere where Desperate Characters have Dreams of the Good Life.

In Noir Temptation and Human Weakness have a Way of Getting in the Way.