King Kong ★★★★★


A masterpiece. One of the best Movies ever. Multiple Metaphors.

A Phantasmagorical Fairy-Tale. One of the most Deconstructed Films of all time. A testament to its Greatness and Ability to Penetrate the Subconscious.

The Special Effects, Unequaled for many Years, the Rousing, Beautiful, Max Steiner Musical Score, the Timeless Story, and a presentation of the Things Dreams are Made of, make this a Model of the Greatest of Movie Making.

First Words Spoken..."Is this the motion picture ship?...The Venture yea!...Are you going on this crazy voyage?"

What a Voyage it is. A surreal "Venture" to the Outreaches of the Unknown. This is Rich and Rewarding, and Wonderful. A Tale Told at a Breathtaking Pace with Freudian Undertones and a Layered, Gallant, Adventure.

"Their gonna have to think up a lot of new adjectives when I get back"...Carl Denham before Leaving Skull Island.

It is not only a "crazy voyage" but a Movie of Infinite Intrigues and Enjoyment. Story telling and Film Craft Doesn't Get any Better than this. It is such a Fun Film Filled with Vivid Visuals and Resonant Tones.

"Holy mackerel what a show!"