Phil Spector ★★★


This is a Frustrating Made-for-TV-Movie. It is so Short in Length that it Leaves the Viewer with a Wanting for much More.

There is so Much Potential Untapped Power here.

The Magnetic Lead Actors, the always Interesting and Divisive Writer/Director David Mamet and of course, the Legendary Music Producer, Phil Spector.

His Unique Blending of Multi-Tracked Music into what Became Known as the "Wall of Sound".

It was so Impressive and Unusual that He Attracted Clients of Varying Diversity.
The Ronettes, The Righteous Brothers, Tina Turner, The Beatles, and The Ramones

He was Labeled a Boy Genius.

This Adulation Made Him a Neurotic, Reclusive, Abusive, Arrogant, Megalomaniac Show-Off.

He also Made the Best and Greatest Music that Filled the much Needed Gap between Elvis and The Beatles with his Rich and Beautiful Pop Songs.

Spector also had Very Few Friends and quite a Few Jealous Enemies.

When Asked if He Liked People..."I don't know, I've never spent any time with them".

A very Short Movie about the Weeks Before the Beginning of His First Trial Accused of Murdering His Date.

The Insights into Spector are Crammed and what’s Interesting is Ultimately Footnotes of a Life.

His Guilt or Not in this Snapshot of the Trial Ordeal is Fascinating.

Considering what Could Have Been it Can’t Help but be Nothing But a Good Tempting Tease.