The Hollow Point ★★★


We are once Again at the American-Mexican Border where Cartels make the already Living Hell Environment more of a Living Hell.

Employing Soulless Killers and Corrupting the Weak and Dying that have Lost Their Hope and Dreams of an Existence with God at Their Side.

This is an Above Average DTV with a First-Rate Noir Cast Featuring Patrick Wilson, Ian McShane, Jim Belushi, and John Leguizamo.

The Violence is Brutal and an Urgency is Felt as the Townsfolk Duck and Cover from the Flying Bullets and Nastiness all around.

The Movie is Shot in a Dusty, Sun Drenched Landscape of Endless Horizons, Trailer Parks, Sleazy Environs, and Unfinished, Abandoned Home Constructions.

It Wears its Neo-Noir Bona-Fides with Pride and if it wasn't for the Incomprehensible Script and Sloppy, Lazy Montage it would Rank as one of the Better in the Genre.

But it's Pulpy Style is Burdened with God-Awful Storytelling that leaves the Viewer in a constant state of Confusion trying Desperately to Figure What the Hell is Going On.

What is Going On is Visceral and Engaging for B-Movie Fans that Love the Style and don't give a Damn about Substance.

For those Folks, Kick Back and Enjoy the Sleaze.

For Others, it is just too Befuddling to give a High Recommendation.

It's Definitely Worth a Watch for the Lead Actors, Violence, and Style.

The Movie, however, Never quite Comes Together and the Love Interest Scenes, along with the general Storytelling are Woefully Weak and Border-Line Awful.