The New Daughter ★★★


An Initial Gut Reaction, with some Merit, might be to Avoid PG-13 Horror Movies and in a Good Number of Cases that would be a Good Intuition to Follow.

This is One of those that Feels Quite Comfortable in that Category. It Wears its Limitations well and does not Rely Solely on Jump Scares (a PG-13 staple requiring no Blood or actual Horror).

The Movie Manages to set up the Creep Factor in Original Ways, but also Relying on some Clichés.

There are some Scenes that are just Simply Scary and the Creatures, when they show up, are Impressive as well as Goose-Bumpy.

The Child Actors are Fine, Especially the Young Boy who Genuinely Looks Petrified and Kevin Costner does give it that "Poor Mr. Costner try".

The Film's Backstory of the Indian Burial Mound Surrounding the Grounds and Encroaching on the Innocent Inhabitants is Handled Properly.

There is an Awkward Ant-Farm Tie-In that Works but is not Fully Fleshed Out but to say More would be saying too much.

Overall, if Family Friendly Horror is on Your Watch List, give this a Go, because You could do much Worse.

It is a Satisfying Entry in a B-Movie Monster Category with Eerie Elements of the Supernatural for some Spice.

The Final Shot is a Surprise and a Spine Tingler.