Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★½

I had quite high expectations for this film when the trailer came out a year ago- Who doesn't like a good DC Film? You see, Up until now, i felt quite strongly that DC made better films then Marvel. Heck, I even liked Batman vs Superman. But to be honest, this film made Ang Lees Hulk or Ghost Rider look like oscar winners.

The Dialogue is extremely sloppy- Unflowing, unnatural and weird sounding conversations continue throughout the movie. The script is a complete mess, and if a Classic like Taxi Driver was written in a few days, this was probably written in ten seconds. The Actors are trying far too hard, and their performances come out as awkward and sloppy. Especially Jared Leto who seemed like he was trying to do a demonic impersonation of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. I know it's not fair to compare anyone to Heath Ledger, but this wasn't even near what Ledger pulled off, or Nicholson. I think Cesar Romero was even a better joker.....But the joker and the other characters formation wasn't even slightly the actors fault. They were given a dud script from a guy who shouldn't be making films at such a high budget. I don't know what Warner Bros saw in hiring David Ayer to Direct and write a script of this calibre, and i don't think they even know why they did it. But hey, its an action movie right? I at least could enjoy some dumb but cool action sequences. Well sadly, this film didn't even give me that much. Not only were the Action Sequences boring and pointless, the humour was also a mess. More cliche annoying jokes attempting to appeal to 12 year olds make up a cringeworthy ride. My Faith in DC films has been lost, Now that Christopher Nolan is gone and Zack Snyder is wearing out. R.I.P DC Films.

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