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  • The King's Speech

    The King's Speech


    I didn’t think 2010’s Best Picture winner was perfect, but it flirts with being so. I guess I don’t really need to mention the plot so much here - even if you’ve no knowledge of British history, it’s not a complexly-plotted film and you can pick most of it up from the trailer, or even the poster. The story itself is quite heavily fictionalised to make a better film - Churchill is featured prominently despite not actually having been involved…

  • Run Lola Run

    Run Lola Run


    I was expecting to like this film a lot more than I did. I’m a big fan of unusual narrative styles, and from what I’d heard this was definitely going to be my kind of film. Truth be told, though, it didn’t grab me as firmly as I’d hoped.

    That’s not to say it’s a bad film. As an exploration of the concept, it works very well. Being divided into three different “runs” of the same twenty-minute period, the film…

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  • Primer



    The first thing I should say about Primer is that I understand Primer. OK? I do. I know what happens in Primer. But it was not clear to me immediately. I had to watch Primer once, then watch it again and pay close, close attention, and on the second watch I also had a plot synopsis to help me keep track of things. The first time you watch Primer, you will not understand what is going on, at all, after…

  • Se7en



    Absolutely masterful from start to finish. Incredible art direction and cinematography, and a conclusion as shocking as it is entirely inevitable. Some of Fincher's finest work.