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  • Eye Myth

    Eye Myth


    When my life flashes before my eyes, just before I die - I'd like to see this 10 second tripfest, please.

  • The Lego Batman Movie

    The Lego Batman Movie


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    Undeniably the most exhilarating and funny Batman-film I'ver ever seen. Pokes fun at nearly every aspect of the comic book vigilante from the first till the last second and uses it's Lego-formed world to create some serious metatextual situations. Also very playfully gets the nostalgic vibes going by actually using the creative mind of a child in combination with those endless amounts of bricks, in a very similar way (but…

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  • Paterson



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    Naming Jim Jarmusch a visual poet would almost be sarcastic. His work is a masterclass in nuancing the words of his characters and the beauty or ugliness in their surrounding world while trying to combine them both in a tender ode to life in all of its different…

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


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    I just love to rewatch films I didn't like that much at first to be completely baffled by them two or three years later. It shows just how much knowledge I've gained in the past years. It's just so satisfying to see a film again and to understand it better than you did before and Lost in Translation is a beautiful example in that regard.

    Where I first saw the film as an…