Leo (Willem) van der Zanden
Leo (Willem) van der Zanden

Leo (Willem) van der Zanden

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  • Fantasmagorie



    Nr. / Year: 1908

    Incredible animation! Trippy as hell and immeasurably imaginative. Very fantastical, but lacked a bit of gore...

  • The Red Spectre

    The Red Spectre


    Nr. / Year: 1907

    Special effects up the proverbial ass!! A horror-scenario by means of Méliès camera techniques and it's definitely enjoyable! Set design and make-up are on point, but that's about it.

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  • Paterson



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    Naming Jim Jarmusch a visual poet would almost be sarcastic. His work is a masterclass in nuancing the words of his characters and the beauty or ugliness in their surrounding world while trying to combine them both in a tender ode to life in all of its different…

  • The Godfather: Part II

    The Godfather: Part II


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    A huge improvement on the already solid first chapter of the Godfather saga, The Godfather Part II is in many ways its predecessor and more. The epic scope of the story is broadened immensely through its prequel-sequel scenario, its diversion to multiple spots on the world and its ever-expanding cast of characters. And what lies within that story is just too good to be true. The familial issues reach new heights and…