Always Be My Maybe ★★½

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I was really struggling to get through this film yesterday. The first half hour or so is so desperately cliche, boring and downright bad - the child actors are a total cringe but to see a couple of actors in their forties pretend to be teens… It’s a good thing there’s a little bit of chemistry between Park and Wong but in the end, that’s not enough to save this one-in-a-million romcom.

NONETHELESS the very moment Keanu Reeves appears on screen this film shoots from a pathetic little 1 all the way up to a glorious 10!! There literally isn’t a single frame where he isn’t performing to the max! He takes his well known elusive persona to perfect levels of self-parody. The rest of the film isn’t even able to make me smile but with every word that came out of that wonderful man’s mouth, I let out some very high-pitched shrieks and that’s simply the greatest honor I can give.

Too bad he doesn’t stay until the end…

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