Aquarius ★★★½

2016 Ranked

A densely filled 2,5 hours following a 65-year old woman as she fights to keep her apartment in a small complex. Contains a strong meditation on how and when to let go of the past, adapting to the future and the value of the environment of one's life. Even though the runtime could've used a little trim, the contents certainly do not. There are so many themes and stories that come by that could've easily benefited from longer exposure but then again, the briefness of certain moments adds to the nostalgic longing that floats through this whole piece. It's a bit of a shame the apartment itself didn't get linked to the memories that are contained within it as it happened in that heartfelt opening and completely manifested itself in the 30-year fade that followed it and introduced us to the present, but even without such visual trickery, there is still a very strong sense of longing and belonging in Aquarius

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