Carol ★★★★★

Love is difficult to understand or comprehend.
It walks into your life at the most unexpected moment, a stranger in the back of a room, and leaves you just as abruptly. Sometimes it merely looks at you, shakes your hand or gives you a glance and you can only hope that it wasn't a dream, but it probably was. Sometimes your heart gets stroked by a hand so soft and with so much care that it makes you wish your own skin, the skin in which it got packed in, was capable of holding it up all that time. You could only wish your chest was able to keep your heart beating without it occasionally dropping a few inches closer to the ground your feet walk on. You could only wish it was capable of that, but you feel you can't. You look for that thing that you don't seem to have that keeps it from falling down. You look for love, for someone to look into your eyes a little longer than other people do. You look for a pair of hands that don't just hold yours but inspect them every time they come into contact. You look for a rhythm in someone's breathing that never syncs up with yours but it never annoys you at all, it rather fascinates you how that breathing can be so different and yet so similar to yours. You sync up but you're never quite the same. When you're together you almost feel like one person but there's always something else to look at that isn't just you and your own thoughts. For once, you're thinking outside of the box that is your own, personal life. You see beyond the things you thought you knew and you discover what lies behind it. That unknown thing that each of us craves so much in life, it can be anything. It can be a smile, it can be a tap on your back or it can be you falling in deep, deep love. And whenever that happens, hold on to it. Don't deny it. Embrace it. But when, for all the madness that this world holds in itself, you have to let it go, do it. With all the pain in your heart you'll have to let it go because, as you know, the world isn't always ready for the love you want to give or give to receive. Even in our grand twenty-first century, there are still places or times where love can't exist, no matter how hard we believe in it and want it to stay. Love has to grow and as it turns out it needs a lot of time to grow all over this world. Even in the smallest of rooms, the most unlikely of characters can meet and feel that tiny bit of love but still end up far away from each other. But it doesn't have to be if you keep hope. For all you know the very next day, you'll find you're own perfect, little weirdo (they can even be flung out of space if you will).

Here's to 2018 actually giving us some of that magic! 🥂

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