Decalogue VI. ★★★★★

Watching Krzysztof Kieślowski's The Decalogue

Commandment: Thou shalt not commit adultery.

YES!! Kieślowski goes coming-of-age!!

Well, if there's anything that I'm slowly starting to realize, it's that most of the episodes of this series (probably) are meant to be seen more as modern life lessons than just artistic interpretations of these ancient commandments. The way Kieślowski takes these "rules and regulations" and beautifully positions them in his own minimalistic world, is a miracle if their ever was one and realizing this right at the middle of this epic work, may seriously change my opinion on some of the previous episodes for the better.

In this, the sixth episode, we follow the most basic storyline of unanswered love. A 19-year old boy is madly in love with a woman living in the apartment block opposite of him. He peeps at her through his telescope, makes her come to the post-office where he works, just so he can see her and he even goes as far as to taking a job as a milk-deliveryman. It basically starts out as just this, an obsessive love from a "kid" who probably doesn't even know what love means, but it takes a GORGEOUS left turn when the two actually meet up, the boy confesses and the obsession turns from the boy to the woman.

Without spoiling too much, this twist and overall very specific look at love in this film, actually does make a point about adultery as it isn't really presented in the usual form of people cheating on each other, but more as people cheating on the idea of love. You can question both characters on their view of love. Both the boy and the woman can't give a "right" answer on the question: what is love? They both have a very naive, sometimes even childlike look on the subject but they do bring it into conversation in a brutally honest way (honestly, that "intimate" scene between the two is definitely the highlight of the film). And on top of that Kieślowski brings the story to a perfect, full circle close with the last scene and last line.

Maybe its just my preference for touching, realistic coming-of-age tales, but Kieślowski really nails it in this episode, making this definitely one of the best episodes of the series so far.

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