Raw ★★★½

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Easily one of the most discomforting horror films I've ever seen, yet not necessarily one of the best. Where Raw speaks clear volumes on the animal nature of man through the very obvious choice of setting in a veterinary school with vegan lead roles, it kind of misses the point by making the disturbing qualities of university life mixed with the horrible genre traits of cannibalistic horror stand out the most. And while those scenes are indeed very effective in driving the point home, their horrifying nature might overshadow the actual thematics here and there. It is therefore a very fortunate choice of director Julia Ducournau to intersperse these heavy moments with just enough non-horror moments in which the plot gets thickened a bit and the underlying thematics get cleared out. Yet, overall, it still lacks a lot in that department. The film was clearly made to make a point about people and their behavioral problems during the tender years of the coming of age, but somewhere along the line it got overshadowed by the obvious "joys" that the genre of body horror can bring. So, as for what it is, it is indeed a film that can have a huge impact on its viewer, wether the underlying meaning is fully discovered or it's just the disturbing imagery that keeps floating in your mind, days afterwards...

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