The Brand New Testament ★★★★★

And now for something completely different!!
... would be a perfect alternative title for this film.
HOLY SHIT!!! First Jaco van Dermael made Mr. Nobody and now this!
This film literally has everything! It not only tells about christianity, which you would expect considering it tells of God ( and they do portray him as the God of christianity) and his rebellious daughter, but it hints at so many other things in this world, all kinds of different religions, different believes and it even goes to great lengths to show the day-to-day believes of some (at first) random inhabitants of Brussels. Next to the references to real life their are also a lot of references to different films that at first don't even seem to have any connection to this type of film (actually I can't even name the genre to put this film in) but after a while you will understand this film is so universal it just connects to... well nearly everything!
It doesn't do this film justice to start explaining it. It is just so intelligent, complex and funny, but it all works!!
AAAAAAH!!! I've probably said it before, but I'm gonna say it again: Belgian cinema is getting bigger and better with every next film they give us. And some day we will look back at all these great works and say: ...

^^ because we would all just be speechless!

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